Miss Japan – Miss Universe 2007

In the "Miss Universe" 2006 Japanese Kurara Chybana was a great favorite of experts and journalists to the last second. However, Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleika Rivera, was crowned Miss Universe. Protests were held in different countries (Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Sweden and Peru). John Steward said: "Kurara Chybana was beautiful really, very natural More importantly, it was a multi-dimensional, beauty balanced with intelligence and depth.". Carolina Lopez said: "Miss Japan was robbed Japan was awesome !! I am not Japanese, but I understand that the translator did not do a good job.".

Miss Japan 2006 failed to win the "Miss Universe". It was a miserable day for Kurara Chibana. She did not like to think about it. However, her compatriot won the "Miss Universe" in 2007.

Miss Japan, Rio Mori, was chosen "Miss Universe" at the 56th annual aid to Mexico City, capital of Mexico. She was crowned Miss Universe 2007 Miss Universe 2006 Zuleika Rivera of Puerto Rico. Under the direction of Ines Ligron, French Miss Japan Rio Mori became the second person in Japan, winning the "Miss Universe". In 1959, a model of Tokyo, Akiko Kodima was crowned "Miss Universe".

Miss Universe 2007 was born 24 December 1986 in the city of Shizuoka, Japan. As Zhenel Kamines "Peni" ( "Miss Trinidad and Tobago," and "Miss Universe", 1977), she was living in North America. She studied ballet in Canada. She speaks three foreign languages. Its main interests in the & # 39 are to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures. However, she is captured dancing. An array of sea – a professional dancer. As Palama Herrero, Gendreau Rodriguez and Maria Talchyf, she loves to dance. Miss Japan and Miss Universe 2007 once said: "Definitely I dance I dance with 4 years I still have the first pair of ballet shoes, which I keep as a memory of his many years of dance and delight …!".

Her dream – to open a dance school in Tokyo. "My mother runs a successful dance school outside of Tokyo, and we plan to expand the love of my family & # 39; and performing arts by opening an international dance school in Tokyo, capital of Japan and a crossroads for many cultures …", Riyo Mori said the judges. "The opening of my school would allow me to live and teach my passion for dancing, being an independent entrepreneur," he added Miss Japan 2007.

As Miss Universe 2007, she will participate in a photo shoot with Fadil profits, one of the best photographers in the world. In addition, Ms. sea to go to Indonesia, India, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Russia, the Dominican Republic and the People's Republic. It will be in the United States to participate in the contest Miss USA Teen 2007. Furtermore, Miss Universe 2007 meeting different politicians, leaders and human rights activists to discuss the HIV / AIDS pandemic.


1953: Long Beach, California. Miss Japan Kinuka Ito became the second party …

1955 Long Beach, California. Miss Japan, Keiko Takahashi, became the fourth vice-other.

1957 Long Beach, California. Japanese reed Otan was eliminated in the semifinals.

1958 Long Beach, California. Miss Japan Tomac Morytaki advanced to the semifinals.

1959 Long Beach, California. Miss Japan, Akiko Kodima crowned "Miss Universe".

1960 Miami Beach, Florida. Miss Japan, Yayoi Foruna, advanced to the semifinals.

1963 Miami Beach, Florida. Nariko Ando Japanese advanced to the semifinals.

1969: Miami Beach, Florida. Miss Japan, Kikuo Osuda, became the fourth deputy

1970: Miami Beach, Japan Forida.Miss, Jun Shimada, was third runner …

Nineteen seventy one: the Miami Beach, Fla. Miss Japan Shigeo Taketoni advanced to the semifinals.

Nineteen hundred and seventy-two years in Puerto Rico. Miss Japan, Hami Maeda advanced to the semifinals,

1973: Greece. Miss Japan Miyoko Nektann took place in the semifinals.

1975 Salvador. Ms. Sachiko Nakayama of Japan advanced to the semifinals.

1988 Taiwan. Japan Mizuki Sakaguchi was the third

the second time …

2003 Panama. Miss Japan was one of the favorites. Japan Miyako Miyazaki became the third vice.

2006: The Los Angeles, California. Miss Japan, Kurara Chybana was first collated. Until the last second, she was a great favorite.

2007: Rio Mori, Japan became the second woman from Japan, who won the title of "Miss Universe".

7 reasons why you should boycott the Pride, if you want to have a relationship and live a normal life

If Pride ceased to become solemn and start to become a spectacle? If no signs of "Equality for all", I would have mixed up the events at Carnival, and not on the 2011 Miami Beach Gay Pride.

In the end, the street played a tanned body with painted faces, fake breasts the size of beach balls and impressive bulges swimwear, both real and modified.

It is sufficient condom to overwhelm the crowd and sufficient gloss blind Steve Uonder. How healthy gay professional, I began to consider the reasons why gays should boycott the Gay Pride.

1. Bullying. Pride – the most visible gay event in many cities. It has no positive and Sur & # 39; oznyh images of gays. While it's nice to have fun, pride is virtually respect for the gay community. Perhaps there should be a place for terrible festivals and broadcast separately the case where gay people can celebrate with taste.

2. Stereotypes are reinforced. Gays deserve a chance to achieve social success, which strengthen their collective reputation in the world. Instead Pride perpetuates negative stereotypes of gay men, as well as an obsession with body image and sexual carelessness.

3. Giperseksualizatsyya. Parade and events only reinforce the idea that if you're gay, your sexuality – the essence of your identity. At the booth along the beach selling men except lubricant spray to prevent the spread of herpes. The product provides not only trusting the audience, but also a sharp, sexy Var & # 39; yatskuyu for those who passed on the Pride.

4. Stunned progress. As far as the legislator thinks gays, standing outside in his underwear too small, deserve no special rights? I feel that symbolizes the narcissism dressed demonstratively higher than the dignity of history or social progress delight. That honor would be given to Martin Luther King, Jr., if within a month "black history" African Americans were running the streets in thong booty shaking for beads?

5. Social exclusion. We are all human, but Pride divides gay community from mainstream society in the harsh, harmful ways. How do people who are not homosexuals should refer either to sympathize with sexual cartoons that suck dildos? Pride to be a sponsor of events that have a more universal appeal, appreciate and share with many sects of society.

6. Clicks. Roles Twinkie, jokes, bear, dads, etc. become more apparent and the insulation. I found that the separation of body type did meet with people outside of my physique is almost impossible. Mostly men posed, and approach them was too scary.

7. Lost appointment. What is the purpose of Gay Pride? If you do not communicate with other gays, achieve social progress and well-deserved warm minority that accomplished?

If swam oiled, half naked teenager woman looked over her child in sight and watched the parade. I could not help but imagine what a stranger thinks. Perhaps she is not impressed and did not inspire dehumanized men and women who are rubbing the nipple rings and threads backsides. Gay Guys, we need to give priority to the way we want to be represented and to respect the world. Save circus tricks on Carnival.

Miami in stores – Tips for saving money on holiday in Miami

Miami – a hotspot for young and old. Although the area is sometimes associated with the rich and famous, you can spend a relaxing vacation in Miami without paying through the nose. There are many options that can be done when it comes to hotels and attractions that will help you save money and to save all that Miami has to offer.

The first area where you can save – this is your hotel costs. Miami season peaks in winter and autumn. While in other parts of the country the weather & # 39; e cold, tourism in Miami is increased, as the prices for air tickets and hotels. In a hot summer months, you can save up to 30 percent on most hotel rooms, and you can even stay at the best quality.

South Beach, one of the most popular places in Miami, may also be its most expensive. But you can still find some great deals in this area, if you know where to look. Hotel Nash, New Clinton Hotel and Spa, Indian Creek Hotel, Clay Hotel and the Boulevard Hotel for all affordable prices all year round. Some of them & # 39 is part of Hostelling International, a network of budget hostels around the US.

The best part is that most of the hotels in South Beach, even cheap, are within walking distance of major attractions. You can save a lot of money on transportation, examining and finding cheap South Beach hotel that allows you to where to go.

Despite the fact that the heat of spring and summer can be strong, Miami has much to offer for those months. This time of year there are several festivals that allow you to experience life in Miami for a low, low price. In July, the International Festival of mango and Reggie Festival magma – outstanding events.

In addition to the hotel costs, you can also save money on the type of sites that you visit. Although it does not seem to understand the beach is sometimes produced as a destination. In the hot months it is sure to get to the beach early to avoid the heat and wear plenty of sunscreen. The sun is bright between 10 am and 14 pm, so keep this in mind during the visit. Beaches are free, so why not use it?

You can also visit the Venetian Pool for a small entrance. This pool was created with stone car & # 39; EPA in 1923. It is filled with natural spring water and is surrounded by waterfalls. Venetian Pool – is an affordable and fun way to cool off during the hot summer in Miami.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens – another natural wonder that is relatively inexpensive. It is a national historic landmark and has 10 acres of gardens, which you can explore. You can spend a whole day for one low price.

When animals are more your style, you can see the lavender in the wild from a few different places around Miami. You can visit one of several marinas and Miami canals. Black Point Marina and Oleta River State Park noted that they frequented.

How to plan a bachelor's in Miami

Assuming that your group does not operate with insufficient budgets, Miami – the perfect place for bachelor parties … However, the best men who are planning going out in Miami, must not only be prepared for a serious & # 39; oznyh costs (and to raise funds in other grooms), but also some verses of & # 39;! oznae planning.

Here is a step by step guide for planning a bachelor in Miami:

Step 1: Answer three questions about the type of degree, you want to:

1. Will it focus on klubing?

2. Is the groom (or his bride, according to the case!) Gave OK for a stripper at a bachelor party, and how "good" it is with this as a source of entertainment?

3. Will it be sports oriented step?

If you visit the site, which is believed to have the hottest nightlife scene in America, you might think that you are an idiot not to kill some clubs. Well, you're right. Nightclubs in Miami cheap, but different … And whatever you thought you "been there and done that," you have not been in the nightlife of South Beach! According to growing fame hockey in the evening, it would be a shame not to visit at least a few night clubs, beach clubs, halls and bars during their stay.

Speaking when the bride really wants to go to Miami, but in fact it is not something that has been a club, it should not be focus Route … Find out why below in step 2.

Step 2: Narrows some specific ideas bachelor.

Do not belittle the famous scenes of night life of Miami, but to open our eyes to other activities that will help you to create a well defined route, here are just a few other ideas that may be the main focus of your drake:

  • You can still become a better person, who passes with distinction, zaplanavavshy bachelor party that focuses on stryptyzmah and steak (in some places you can even find both), as well as a well-known Cuban cuisine area for evening entertainment.
  • You can plan a sports-oriented bachelor party, including tickets for one of the many games or sporting events that are likely to occur during your trip.
  • You might plan a few early nights and a & # 39; to ride on the disc to see the fight on katalnikav Everglayde or take on lease or rent a yacht or boat for an early morning fishing.
  • It is not surprising that the options daily activities here such as endless as the sun, so take advantage and rents several water skis, pine runners or scooters, or enjoy world-class golf course in one of the areas where a lot of poetry. courses on recovery.
  • If you want to turn your head among the many money-minded local Miami residents, an invitation to a luxury yacht, of course, is the type of things that float in the chic women's boat in Miami. However, it never hurts to avoid a group of strictly guys when you do the final (or any) form for cruisers for girls, so if you want arganizaytse for several accompanying or models for escort to the beaches of Miami cruise. .. *

* However, note how great that the bride and her friends are not there, obviously, make sure your "controlled by" fun in the water is under the supervision of a sober and reliable management (or more), as well as the use of alcohol, etc. It does not go abroad, of course, if you want to know where the expression occurs.

Step 3: Determine the duration and dates of your trip.

4 days – the perfect amount of time to experience the majority of men to travel to Miami (without causing too much suspicion and irritation with houses that are waiting at home!). You will certainly want these details were planned as soon as possible, as they will help to finalize your guest list (which is very important for such an interesting point of view, bachelor parties, both of Miami!), And will help you determine what stag you can get enjoy a visit to one of the many Miami festivals to sporting events and others. Obviously, the next date when you will come back, as women will be home to watch the clock as zealously as you watch bikini, and will take any changes in the main confession plans.

Step 4: Plan housing.

In Miami, there are several top quality in the world of stylish butsikavyh hotels and luxury villas, so do not underestimate the importance of planning proper placement in Miami for bachelors.

Step 5: Find out the way (s) of transportation …

… I mean, are planning to rent a car.

A variety of attractions Miami – both pleasant and zaganachnyya – are very common, and urban public transport, consisting of trains (mainly intended for use with passengers) and a few missing bus system, will not be sufficient to accommodate up group. .. Whatever the focus of your bachelor party, you want to plan a varied itinerary in this large, multinational Mecca, and despite the fact that the idea of ​​the bachelor party you are considering include a trip to Key West, one of the casinos in South Florida, strip clubs, sports, deep sea diving or a variety of activities, rent a car – needed for proper planning in Miami bachelor parties. You can try to rent more affordable or luxury cars, depending on the budget party, and if you want to experience the infamous nightlife of Miami, you also need to plan or cabins (much more accessible and available here), a limo that is definitely necessary for entrance among the loud party SoBe.

As you can see, planning bachelor party in Miami requires not only a huge budget, but also ambitious about the & # 39; the amount of training, so while bachelors party planning is ultimately your responsibility as the best man, this type of epic trip, for which need help study definition and completion activity bachelor parties and travel. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to ask for help or to fellow suitors, or to others for assistance in planning and plan to compensate for the swollen size of several terrible debt.

Miami nightclubs Kichy

Sometimes the best way to see at night in Miami when doing body shots of an unknown woman, while spreads on a deck chair in the middle of the night pawnshop thematic nightclub. Fortunately for you, in Miami presented a large number of weird and wonderful themed nightclubs and restaurants that are easy to fill the daily recommended amount of kitsch. How can tell you, anyone who lived through classroom at high school, "kitsch" – this is an important sub-category "Heaps", which can be placed using trykatav, and this can not be anything. Naturally, I would not recommend to always go to these clubs; I prefer a more "standard" club, to my experience the night life is not looked like Alice in Wonderland. However, the correct dosage can be pleasant. Without further ado:

The first club of which I'm going to talk – this BED. This is both a clever acronym for "Drinks, entertainment, dining," and a brief description of what makes this club different. Everything is done on giant beds. You eat on the giant beds, you prevent on giant beds, and in the end, the waiting staff to push you to your giant bed (my only real complaint is the beauty – is the service – it seems they are not sheltered Best Ways beds control instead of the tables.) . The food is fantastic and imaginative, and a wonderful atmosphere, if you set it. After midnight, the restaurant becomes a club, and even during dinner the mood feels more like a club than a nice restaurant, so shopping is probably not the best place for a quiet meal and games at the cross. Reservations for dinner is required, and you pay a healthy sum for the privilege of eating in the giant bed, but the whole experience is definitely worth it, if only for a fun neperamozhtsa that the waiter offers you a bottle of wine for $ 80, while wearing pajamas.

The next bastion of tricks, which I will say – this is a funny little club in the heart of the city, which is properly called "Lombard". To be honest, this place is much more about the sizzling than steak (but then again, that the nightclub isn & # 39; t?). The facade of the building – a pawn of the 1930s, and inter & # 39; er is constantly decorative inlay, which is the most artistic way reflects the trash. Each night has a different theme, from Thursday at flea markets (think films about children's party "Children's Party") to Sunday twisted sisters (think Alice in Wonderland style – human chessboards and strongly seksualizavanae reincarnation of Alice). Cover is actually quite modest: about $ 10-20 depending on the event. In general, the pawnshop can become truly surreal club experience that I would recommend to anyone who was not.

Last club, of which I will say – this is another combination of restaurants and clubs. "Pearl" offers a visual feast scary, retro decor (think Austin Powers), which you pay the price on drinks. Magazine "Observer" was recognized as "naypryshchasneyshym restaurant in the world", and while I was not in any restaurant in the world, I would not doubt that claim. Food and drinks are good, but you really are paying for the atmosphere. seating equipment encourages people to look at, and in the patio area you need to see to believe. Everything is expensive, so watch out for drinks prices, otherwise you will find yourself chained to a dishwasher in the bowels of the restaurant. No trip to Miami is complete without a trip to a place like Pearl – kiptsivy, extravagant, expensive and heavy duty character make it a perfect microcosm for Miami Beach as a whole.

Let us hope that in these clubs and restaurants will all required kitsch, and then some. Good luck and happy eating / drinking / dancing / debauchery.

Benefits in Miami booking hotels

Miami – wonderful place to stay. The landscape of this city is admirable and favorable climatic conditions have always kept this place busy with tourists from around the world. The combination of urbanism and natural beauty long coastal beach might just get your attention and charm of each individual visitor. The beautiful landscape of magic and the weather & # 39; e with the broad cultural events – the important reasons why Miami is becoming a tropical paradise for vacationers.

In fact, cheap hotels can be found in a variety of rooms and types. Select one of the cheapest motels of your choice and go to the online booking search options for cheap hotels in Miami. When booking the hotel simply note that discounts in Miami rooms are available in a large number, and it offers a lot of services that you can take advantage of low cost.

Such cheap hotels are well-equipped for business or family vacations. In addition, the location of the hotel is so good that to enjoy Miami nightlife and other attractions, such as the Latin-American Art Museum, Little Havana, and more.

The Hyatt Regency Miami – Star Rating Discount Hotel in Miami. It is located on the Miami River in Miami, Fla. The hotel offers services such as a business center, ATM / bank, dry cleaner, fitness equipment, conference room, restaurant, elevator, coffee shop or cafe, the guard – 24 hours, swimming pool – outdoor, luggage storage, available wheelchairs, comp newspaper in the lobby, breakfast service, parking, etc.

If you need a cheap and affordable hotel, you may not get as much of luxurious comfort, and that in such hotels can accommodate. You can get all their basic needs at the hotel. It is true that no matter what you are staying in a cheap or luxury hotel, the purpose of your visit to Miami will be carried out by any means.

Why you should buy a holiday home in Florida

Florida – one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, which receives millions of tourists annually. Despite the fact that throughout the state there are several reasonable accommodation options, there are several good reasons to buy your own holiday home in Florida.

wonderful climate

Florida – a city of Sunshine and for good reason. It boasts warm out & # 39; I eat most of the year, which means that people from all over the US converge on its beach. You can enjoy the great natural beauty, if you have a winter home in Florida. In fact, some famous Americans such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had a winter home in the state. Miami Beach – one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida, where thousands of tourists love to spend the winter months away from the cold weather and snow in the rest of the country.

peace of mind

Peace of mind is necessary if you are planning a vacation, especially long. If you have a second home here in Florida, you will have easy access to the warm outside & # 39; I and beautiful beaches all year round. You can go at any time and be assured of a comfortable place to stay. Having your own home in Florida is also beneficial because you get the freedom to customize it according to your specific needs and lifestyle. You can enter and leave at any time of the day without feeling guilt in turbavanni hosts.

Make your holiday home investment

The best thing is to have your own vacation home in Florida, if you can use it as an investment. Florida with & # 39 is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country and full of visitors throughout the year. Tourists need not only beaches and sunlight they need in a nice, safe place to stay. If you decide to rent your property for travelers, you can be assured of complete fullness throughout the year. In Florida, there are several agents that are easy to sell your property to visitors who are looking for a nice place to stay.

Rent and save taxes

Acquisition of own home for the holiday – a reasonable solution if you frequently visit Florida. This will save you trouble to communicate with the agents at the last minute and feel anxiety about getting a bad deal on holiday. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about the rental to holiday spending. You'll also save on taxes, as you can ask for the amount of annual depreciation as a deduction against taxable income from the lease, as well as operating loans. So you can continue to invest in maintaining and updating the property, to keep pace with the times.

Good holiday home – a sensible decision because of the convenience and other monetary benefits that it brings. Having your own home in Florida will allow you to spend the holidays without stress to pay the rent. Moreover, you can even extend the stay on as long as you want.

5 best places for "lucky" in Miami

Stroll through Miami south beach and try to count to ten before you notice another "perfect 10". It is not possible?

With piggy bank posh men and women roam every corner of South Beach, it is not surprising that many tourists flock here hoping to succeed (but so many do not get). To help you improve your chances, we have considered the best night places of the city, to bring you the Miami five best places to "lucky":

1. Night Club Manor

You will never have a house, but at least you can hold a party in one. Recently named People Magazine – the hottest night club in America, you will feel enough sexual energy to fuel the entire strip of Las Vegas.

Take charge of a broad dance floor, carried away by the mood, adjusting special effects, and then climb the stairs to the wide podium for the birds, who are considering your potential prey below.

In the mansion the only thing tsyachetstsa freer, and then drinks at the bar – it's the hormones of his patrons.

The chances of success: 2: 5

2. Biki Club Nikki

Nothing quite does not make libido collected as a place of beautiful bodies that glow in the hot Miami sun. Located on the shores of the sparkling Atlantic, the only thing that cools the mood in the hot spot of the Southern coast – quiet ocean breeze.

In the afternoon bouncing beach house, ultra-saturated room at night, this place is that it can be seen at any hour of the day. Just pull up a beach chair under a palm tree pagretsesya and let the beautiful scenery unfold in front of you (and not talking about the beach).

The chances of success: 2: 7

3. The initial key

This is the only place where you can go to bed early and get lucky. Go inside the palace mattresses and instantly peranyasitsesya for what looks like a hip-hop set filming. Heck, you can even run into P. Dydi.

BED & # 39; Über chic dripping replace tables with velvety king beds, rest in the private booths. Open the curtains wide and look like a mass of beautiful people strolling, or leave them for a while personal time with two significant. In any case, you will be happy to sleep.

Start things for real, if you take on one of the erotic dinner burlesque show, and then dive into bed with friends, for delicious drinks, smooth grooves and just who knows what else.

The chances of success: 1: 3

4. Cameo

Kama for many years the industry stimulates lust in Miami, with its hot music, A-list guests and revived disco chic décor that sets the mood sex, sex is charging, it will do so for many years.

Try to move on the dance floor area of ​​10 000 square feet, or go to an exclusive VIP-lounge and exhaust shoulders bold and beautiful. Losing your cards right, and someone can just do a cameo in your bedroom.

The chances of success: 1: 3

5. Velvet Club in Miami

You do not have to be alone, to be lucky in Miami. For the adventurous and open pores, velvet swingers club can become a blazing fire, to ignite your passion.

If you prabivaetsesya through the door of velvet, your nervous anticipation will soon give way to the high octane excitement. Carefully vhapitsesya for your favorite hand and enjoy the sensual surprises that lurk around every corner, providing a full feeling.

If the heat is too much to cope, go to the bar to cool down and then dance the night so many tunes much in their hands.

The chances of good luck: 4: 5

– Sam

Lucky you in Miami yourself? Tell us where? We do not agree with our producers a chance? Go ahead and put us on the spot.

Miami hotels

For the rest, nothing is more exciting than a good discount hotel prices. Saving some of these precious dollars, you'll also get more chances to use the money saved to buy or to enjoy more good food.

Start searching for an inexpensive hotel room with one of the big hotel consolidator sites, for example, http://www.hotels.com or http://www.quikbook.com. These websites are bought and reserved blocks of rooms at a deep discount and then resell them later. Although hotels.com requires payment for the number when ordering, http://www.quikbook.com and other hotel companies do not. Some of the most popular hotels at a discount including: Hotel Nash, New Clinton Hotel and Spa, as well as the Tudor Hotel and Suites.

Another option rooms with discounts Search – a search for individual hotel sites, to remember profitable. As rates change on a daily basis, it is advisable to closely monitor sites. Major hotel chains such as Hilton, Choice, Marriott and Starwood, often offer rooms that meet or even less expensive than those offered by dyskantnyya sites. You can book rooms online. Discount prices usually Var & # 39; iruetstsa from 30% to 70%, depending on the time of year you plan to visit.

To find a better price, you will need to look for another website. In addition, you can also apply for a travel agent services. Once you get the price, you can contact the hotel directly and ask for suggestions. Most likely, you will get a further reduction, up to 25 percent of what had been given to a third party website or your travel agent. The bottom line is that if you decide to book directly with the hotel, you'll get the best prices, as well as a number of other advantages, for example, a soft cancellation policy and more likely to upgrade to a better room.

Although the hotel is discounted does not mean that you will be treated differently than to other satellites that are not looking for discounts may hotels offer you limited access to some of the & # 39 objects that are ordinary travelers. As they say, it all depends on your "luck".

South South cheap hotels

South South Beach cheap hotels offer great deals to suit your needs to rest, offering accommodation close to popular sites at a discount. South Beach is the most visited part of Miami Beach. It extends from 1st Street to Lincoln Road, covering some of the busiest shopping districts, such as Elton Road, Prospect Collins-Espanola Way, Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue. South Beach consists of an eclectic mix of boutique hotels, the beautiful shopping districts, fine restaurants and historic buildings.

South Beach has accommodation options ranging from luxury and cheap hotels. Hotel Nash, New Clinton Hotel and Spa, Boulevard Hotel, Indian Creek Hotel and Hotel Clay – some of the hotels that provide accommodation at cheap prices. Usually cheap hotels South Beach has single rooms, double rooms or family rooms at an affordable price from 70 to 250 dollars. Sometimes, prices include car rentals and vacation packages. Air conditioning, ceiling fans, refrigerators, satellite TV and phones with voice mail – amenities in the hotel rooms. Guests can also enjoy on the & # 39 facilities, including business centers, dining rooms, fitness centers, lounges, sauna and plenty of space for parking.

Some of the cheap South Beach hotels such as Hotel Clay is, associated with Hostelling International (HI) – one of the largest networks of budget accommodation hostels in the country. Some cheap hotels in South Beach offer four to six beds at the hostel with all the amenities, including air conditioning and a private bathroom.

Most cheap hotels South Beach are just a short walk from the area's main attractions, such as the Bass Museum of Art, Everglades Alligator Farm, Flamingo Park, the Museum of the Holocaust, Opium Garden, Stadium Pro Player, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.