Transportation to Miami International Airport – options to suit your needs

Are you planning to travel to Miami? If you are, you likely will fly to Miami International Airport, and if someone does not meet your flight, you will need some form of transport to get to the place where you are going. No matter what your end point – in the heart of Miami, Fort […]

south beach

You may have heard about a lot of beaches around the world. But none of them is not so aesthetic and magical as South Beach. It is located in the neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida. And, perhaps, no other sea beaches are not as picturesque. In addition, it has a long and interesting history, which […]

Discover Miami: Cultural highlights of the city Woe

Miami – a beautiful city with lots of tropical influences. Nightlife and Latin American character give this young city "kind of dirty." TV series "Miami Vice" undoubtedly contributed to the image of the city, full of excitement and thrills. And, frankly, many people like Miami party. A lot of bars, discos and nightclubs in Miami […]

Some interesting discos which provide a vibrant nightlife in Miami

City of Miami is located in the southeastern part of Florida on the Atlantic coast. This city, which is also classified as an Alpha world city, with & # 39 is one of the most famous places in the world for its vibrant and active nightlife. Especially the beach in Miami flock of the hottest […]

Rejoice your palate in Miami Spice 2010

If you think the Miami venue for spectacular beaches, world-class shopping, and unrivaled nightlife, you are on the spot. But what about its vibrant dining scene? Here is another excellent reason to pack a bag and visit the sun-drenched city this month: Miami Spice 2010, appetizing summer promotion of restaurants, which demonstrated the best in […]