Six Reasons the Kindle 3G is better than Apple iPad


Allow yourself a moment to imagine that you are resting on Miami Beach, and you want or Amazon Kindle 3G, or Apple iPad, to make you company to do while sunning on the sand. What device do you think would be best?
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I will make your assumptions light. Your best bet – Amazon Kindle 3G, and here are six reasons why this is.
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1. Without glare That is correct. The new 3G Kindle is now without electricity, and you do not have to pay extra for this feature. Instead, to get a good reflection of your smiling mug, when you look at your screen, you see the background, such as white and opaque, like a piece of paper. This not only makes you the illusion that you are reading this book, it is much easier to use in direct sunlight.
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2. You do not need a computer & # 39; yuter : Kindle 3G does not require connection to a computer to get started. In contrast, Apple iPad requires connecting a computer by the time you remove it from the box. You can not even use the damn thing until you verify the authenticity of it with your home computer. It’s a big hassle, especially if you have purchased the e-book reader, because I do not want to have this computer.
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3. You can get the Kindle 3G is less than $ 200 : Kindle save you from 300 to 600 dollars if you play between the Kindle and the iPad. Kindles without 3G access is worth about $ 140, while those who have 3G access, cost about $ 189.
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4. You do not need a contract : Buying a Kindle 3G, you will automatically pay all access to the Internet, that you will ever need, – Amazon says that it is included in the price. In contrast, Apple iPad allows you to purchase monthly contracts – anywhere from 14.99 to 25 dollars a month – use the monthly access to the Internet, if you are not in a Wi-Fi network.
5. Kindle 3G keeps a higher charge : You may never need to charge the Kindle 3G, while you are on vacation. According to Amazon said its board lasts two to four weeks, depending on how much you surf the Internet, compared with just reading e-books. IPad, on the other hand, charging a total of about 10 hours. This means that you will get about two days & # 39; It should sit with him on the beach, and you have to charge it again.
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6. Kindle smaller and compact : Big screens are great for watching movies, but who wants half of the laptop in the hands, while they try to read the book? Kindle 3G – is two inches smaller than the iPad, and weighs less.

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