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It makes my butt big? Vertical or horizontal streaks for weight loss? Did I fall out of this top? Widespread questions when faced with a terrible three-way mirror of two elements, but ever stopped to ask if your suit is biodegradable. Perhaps not, but if the designer Linda Ludermilk has its way, you will definitely start.
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Week sailing in Miami Beach, Loudermilk introduced what it calls the world’s first fully compost swimsuit, developed from plant starch, which has been converted into a fabric. While this may cause some women a little nervous when immersed in water in the suit, which is designed to dissolve, Ludermilk assured visitors that the suit begins to decompose until it zakapaetstsa in the mud, and at this moment he will be broken. down for 180 days.
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Loudermilk is attached to the motion design “eco-couture”, who consciously decide to use sustainable materials, including wood pulp, hemp, bamboo and recycled plastic bottles or reworked materials, such as military parachutes, rather than the usual synthetic textile. Producing swimwear makes perfect sense – if you take the time to appreciate Mother Earth in all her glory ocean, you can also see a little bit, will you destroy it at the same time with the clothes that you wear.
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Think of a cute cover-up made of bamboo with organic women’s tunic, or if you are trying to engage in energy conservation, improving tan, go in a bikini on a sunny diet. That’s right, I said that bikini on solar power! The suit is covered with photovoltaic strips that capture the sun’s energy, so that, having been in the fresh air, you can safely charge the phone or iPod. (Just make sure to disconnect them from the network before you dip!)

The movement of eco-fashion, however, faces challenges to swimsuits, and some designers are struggling to produce swimsuits from environmentally friendly materials. You see, most girls love their costumes, to be able to keep in shape or form, and it’s not the easiest to materials that are not chemicals. The company Aqua Green, which produces Eco Swim line amplifier provides a foam cup “eco-cells” created biodegradable vegetable oil, which will not leave thousands of polyester bra cups in landfills to spare future generations from the archaeological site. Sami costumes made of recycled nylon and cotton.

Although biodegradable suit can make only modest attention to the waste cycle clothing, this is a big step towards the creation of new proposals from the designers that perhaps the choice of materials can be as brave as their style. Perhaps, the new frontier of fashion is to be courageous enough to depart from synthetic materials, with & # 39 is a classic choice, and decide on alternative materials, such as bamboo.

And maybe one day women may everywhere to boast about how they dress not only makes the waist smaller, but also reduces the carbon footprint!

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