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Miami Var & # 39; ny, and that's what's so cool. From queens to lataseytsav to models and fashionistas, Miami and South Beach are simply ridiculous. Ridiculously loud. Thus, the store Armani we had to plug the ear plugs so you can imagine how loud it really is in the clubs. Funny fun. So, you can wear black leather pants and no one cares. So, if you dance on the tables for you, but it does not stand out.

Nightlife without the clock (here no one goes early to 23 pm, and most professionals do not die at the bar until 1 am), lovely people (models can shoot in New York or Los Angeles, but they live here), blue sky, water and pastel biruzavaya should come to mind when you think of Miami. Art Design + sandy beaches = happy people. Rolling in Hamers. Zakachvayuts their money.

Remove the afternoon on the beach, relax and get ready for a really long night. Exotic snack bars, sunbeds sexy and exciting open decks clock is ticking down and ordered all the attention – because vecharytsesya before dawn, if you do not dare. While South Beach last call around 2:00 am, in the heart of the Bush Miami until noon the next day!

Message to the boy – if you want to get into any dance club, you have to have the ladies with them. Even if you're George Clooney, you do not come with two or three children alone. Free admission? The guest list? What is the difference? You do not get into the hands without the soft floor. You did not hear no shirt, no shoes, no service. Well, now it's not a girl, no service!

Kids in Miami, when surahs & # 39; ozna behave, can be just as stringent as LA or Vegas, so plan ahead and make sure that in your group there are boys and girls. Everywhere in many ways, but sometimes going ahead early and mention that you saw their place, represented as an exclusive selection of nightlife travePod, can help you get to the list. Or arrive before the hordes and get dressed in your steep durdachy.

South Beach will show you the sun all day and you can reduce the free Vegas-style all night (by the way, if you have a gambling problem, you can go in about 30 minutes north of Hollywood, where casino Hard Rock Seminole is pumping tables).

So grab your bathing suit and shadows. Pack the best dress, which "goes out into the street." Bring a A-game. And you roll back.

Miami Enjoy delicious, fresh seafood, Latin flavors and Little Italy. With Miami cheap eats up urban eclectic restaurants of the city – from steak to seafood houses in this cosmopolitan city has something for everyone.

With thousands of options in a large area of ​​Miami you are sure to find just the place for luxurious celebrations (food, dancing or otherwise). Your only problem is to hit all your travel wish list. Check it out.

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