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The most terrible thing is happening at weddings. Once I attended a friend's wedding (the bride) and heard one of the older grooms gave advice to a nervous bridegroom fast. And the tone that emphasizes his experience in the marriage department, said the bridegroom: If you think that it was blyakalnym word throughout the preparation for the wedding, wait until you share a bathroom together and forget to put the toilet seat down.

This little incident reminded me of how people have said that you are in preparation for a bachelor party – it is an idea of ​​how you will live in a marriage. This means that if you were a bride, the chance of becoming a vayferminatar quite high.

However, in each of the protection of the bride, when preparations for the bachelorette party will be as simple as making decisions, using a block diagram, neither the bride will never be destroyed by the nervous force, and wedding planners have never existed. Imagine a graph that predicts every possible scenario of any problems with the preparation of party bachelorette party, which is accompanied by step by step instructions how to solve it, right in each hand of the bride. Now only a preparation for a bachelorette party was so simple. Or is it?

Start here: a beach bachelorette party are you?

A. Beach matalotka. Go to 1.

B. Beach belaretka on the beach. Proceed to 2.

C. Not sure. Need inspiration. Go to 3.

1. Beach bamchatka, your idea of ​​bachelorette party is on the beach with a margarita in hand, soaking up the sun and doing nothing. With the mood of "eternal summer", you relax the most. Carefree time with friends and family & # 39; it – it's your idea of ​​a good time. At the suggestion of the beach to go to go to i.

2. Beach bedloretka, your idea of ​​bachelorette party is a list of things – all in order to do while you technically are not married yet. You look like a rocket tseplashukavuyu when it comes to places to participate. And once you've closed in their purpose, just do not let go. Well, until you start the hangover. At the suggestion of the beach need to go to the ii.

3. If you are not sure what you beach bachelorette party, make a list of things that relax you. Once you have made your list, you can see where you bow down for more. Once you have installed it, continue to run.

i i. As bumchelaret beach, your ideal beach is in some distant place. Where great rest and vegetavatstsa with friends and family & # 39; it. Some of the best beaches, which can be verified – is the beach at Ocracoke Island (North Carolina), Beach in Smyrna (FL) and the Wildcat Beach (California). A great way to quickly find a place – use the online tool and flight reservation. This is as close as you can do absolutely nothing, because it does all the work for you. You can compare prices and find the one that fits your needs for recreation, and more importantly, your budget. Go to *.

ii. As beach badseloreta your perfect beach – a place where you have a party wide clubs, but with the added benefits of the beach as a dance floor. Flew to Miami Beach. Do not even think about it, just order it online and fly. Proceed to **.

* There are many activities that you can do while on the beach bamshota, besides getting a great tan. For example, you can spend the day being a true blue beach, learning serfiravats. At night you can lie by the fire, drinking wine and sharing stories with her friends about relationships, marriage and motherhood. Another great idea – to have SPArty. Treat yourself and your surroundings foot massage and body treatments, facials, manicure and pedicure on the beach. Include in the mix a little aromatherapy and a couple of glasses of wine or sangryi, and you're on your way to rest. For tips on how to capture those memories, go to +.

** Before you even go to a party with your friends, start the evening with a mini-hotel. Assemble the dance playlist and open bubble, ready to come out to begin their night with a great mood. To feel VIP-person, buy a table in the club, which you head, which means that you do not stand in the queue and drink at the table already. If you want to play like boys, go to the "gentlemen's club" and be a lady. There are many packages for a bachelorette party, you can take your time and have a lonely life. For tips on how to capture those memories, go to ++.

+ Pass the digital documentation and try to go back to the old school of lomography. Everyone can have an instant camera, which puts the polaroid photos the type to cover a party. Entourage can write messages to the bride on the back of each photo as a souvenir.

Skip ++ documentation at all. What is happening at the bachelorette party, it remains in the memories of all the girls. Or at least the bits you remember.

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