South Florida Real Estate – the most good in Florida


Located in the southeastern part of the United States, South Florida has the popular name of the metropolitan area of ​​Miami – Fort Loderdeyl-Pompano Beach and is also called the Miami metro area, and even Tri-County. The last of the names is most justified as South Florida includes the three counties of Miami-grandfather, Palm Beach and Bravard. If we consider the various District of Florida, these three countries are considered as the most populated. Among the three Palm Beach County was the least that can be added. Miami, in fact, with the & # 39; is the largest city in the region. A recent census of the population of South Florida's population of nearly 5.5 million, and the density – about 1570 people per square mile.

This region has a humid tropical climate and dry, with some areas also are influenced humid subtropical climate. Weather season and the hurricane season coming at the same time. As South Florida is located between two bodies of water, the chances of hurricanes that affect the stable climate, are increasing. The two most famous hurricanes that have undermined the region – Hurricane Andrew and Katrina.

Education in South Florida – one of the most famous in the state. It serves the school district Miami-Dede County schools, which has an elected school board. School network for the daily function of the chief cares schools. The remaining two school networks operating in the area, made up of the School District of Palm Beach Public School District Bravard County. Higher education provides a few good colleges and universities, including the University of Miami, University of Florida National College Brauard.

South Florida is served by three major airports, namely International Airport Palm Beach, Miami International Airport and the International Airport Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood. Local transportation includes subway, which stretches for 22 stations. In addition, there are five interstate highways, which helps maintain a good connection area to other places. In this region, the economy is flourishing, when several state-owned companies operating successfully. These companies with the & # 39 are the major employers in the region. Approximately in the region operate 100 profitable state-owned companies and 200 private companies. South Florida has one of the largest amounts of Fortune 500 companies in the United States as a whole.

Real Estate in South Florida with a & # 39 is one of the most prosperous in the state of Florida. This is not only due to the high growth of employment opportunities, but also because the place is notorious for welcoming business can thrive. There are a lot of properties, including houses, condominiums, and even land. Currently in South Florida is available on more than 115,000 & # 39 objects. The number of foreclosures is staggering and makes it possible to both owners and investors. In a recent study Brauard county ranked second in the United States on the redemption rate. County of Miami-grandfather took fourth place for redemption, and Palm Beach County took thirteenth place. Now is the time to invest in real estate in South Florida.

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