7 reasons why you should boycott the Pride, if you want to have a relationship and live a normal life

If Pride ceased to become solemn and start to become a spectacle? If no signs of "Equality for all", I would have mixed up the events at Carnival, and not on the 2011 Miami Beach Gay Pride.

In the end, the street played a tanned body with painted faces, fake breasts the size of beach balls and impressive bulges swimwear, both real and modified.

It is sufficient condom to overwhelm the crowd and sufficient gloss blind Steve Uonder. How healthy gay professional, I began to consider the reasons why gays should boycott the Gay Pride.

1. Bullying. Pride – the most visible gay event in many cities. It has no positive and Sur & # 39; oznyh images of gays. While it's nice to have fun, pride is virtually respect for the gay community. Perhaps there should be a place for terrible festivals and broadcast separately the case where gay people can celebrate with taste.

2. Stereotypes are reinforced. Gays deserve a chance to achieve social success, which strengthen their collective reputation in the world. Instead Pride perpetuates negative stereotypes of gay men, as well as an obsession with body image and sexual carelessness.

3. Giperseksualizatsyya. Parade and events only reinforce the idea that if you're gay, your sexuality – the essence of your identity. At the booth along the beach selling men except lubricant spray to prevent the spread of herpes. The product provides not only trusting the audience, but also a sharp, sexy Var & # 39; yatskuyu for those who passed on the Pride.

4. Stunned progress. As far as the legislator thinks gays, standing outside in his underwear too small, deserve no special rights? I feel that symbolizes the narcissism dressed demonstratively higher than the dignity of history or social progress delight. That honor would be given to Martin Luther King, Jr., if within a month "black history" African Americans were running the streets in thong booty shaking for beads?

5. Social exclusion. We are all human, but Pride divides gay community from mainstream society in the harsh, harmful ways. How do people who are not homosexuals should refer either to sympathize with sexual cartoons that suck dildos? Pride to be a sponsor of events that have a more universal appeal, appreciate and share with many sects of society.

6. Clicks. Roles Twinkie, jokes, bear, dads, etc. become more apparent and the insulation. I found that the separation of body type did meet with people outside of my physique is almost impossible. Mostly men posed, and approach them was too scary.

7. Lost appointment. What is the purpose of Gay Pride? If you do not communicate with other gays, achieve social progress and well-deserved warm minority that accomplished?

If swam oiled, half naked teenager woman looked over her child in sight and watched the parade. I could not help but imagine what a stranger thinks. Perhaps she is not impressed and did not inspire dehumanized men and women who are rubbing the nipple rings and threads backsides. Gay Guys, we need to give priority to the way we want to be represented and to respect the world. Save circus tricks on Carnival.

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