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Sunny city of Miami – it is not only the beach and shops. For those who love art, historical, natural or erotic art, there are a few verses of & # 39; oznyh museum features the jump. The city is easy to find shows for all people. Choose one of the few cloudy days in the city and get to know Miami museums. The following list of museums starts to work and carry out activities for many days:

Miami Art Museum

Located in downtown Miami, this museum of modern and contemporary art dedicated to the exhibition and collection of international art with an emphasis on American, European and African cultures 20th and 21st centuries.

101 W Flagler St., Miami, FL 33130

T. +1 305 375 3000

Lowe Art Museum

Lowe Art Museum with a & # 39 is the art museum of the University of Miami and has a permanent collection of European, Asian, African and Oceans and the Americas. This museum is training its visitors through its permanent collection and borrowed.

1301 Stanford Drive Coral Gables, FL, 33124-6310

T. +1 305 284 3535

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

MOCA shows new trends and directions in contemporary art. In most of his shows are a mixture of new artists and legendary. MOCA is the calendar of lectures by famous artists and critics, film screenings, concerts and performances.

Joan Lehman Building 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami, FL 33161

T. +1 305 893 6211

Miami Science Museum (MiaSci)

MiaSci is scientific and technical art and exhibitions for people of all ages who are interested in nature with the & # 39; a reality. Currently, the downtown Miami building a new museum, including community gardens, fountains and pools. MiaSci also includes a planetarium and a wildlife center. The planetarium presents a & # 39; surround sound, videapraektsyya, lasers and a four-media image, while the Wildlife Center is dedicated to environmental research and rehabilitation.

3280 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33129

T. +1 305 646 4200

world of Erotic Art Museum

This museum is a & # 39 is the home of the largest collection of erotic art in America. The museum houses a private collection of paintings, tapestries, sculptures and works of art of ancient and modern art, as well as showing the different cultures, artistic environment and way of life in the historical timeline.

1205 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

T. +1 305 532 9336

Miami Museum of History

Museum gistoryiMami acts as a space representing the history of Miami and a large region of South Florida. It offers exhibitions, collections and publications for both the local community and visitors.

101 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33130 T.

+1 305 375 1492

Art Museum "Patricia and Phillip Frost" (formerly the Art Museum at FIU)

Located in University Park University, Florida International University, this museum deals with art education for all ages, offering innovative programs, including Art Smart for pupils of the 5th class, tours of the Sculpture Park and lectures by renowned artists and luminaries through Stephen and Lecture Series " Daroteya Green critic "and the series" Lectures Latin America and the Caribbean. " Florida International University, the University of

Park 10975 SW 17th Street Miami, FL 33199

T. +1 305 348 2890

Haitian Heritage Museum

This culturally rich Museum, located in the heart of Little Haiti, offers visitors a Haitian art, historical artifacts, Haitian music and movies, as well as a collection of Haitian literature.

4141 NE 2 Avenue. # 105C Miami, FL 33137

T. +1 305 371 5988

Ancient monastery Spanish Monastery

Originally built in 1133-1141 AD in Spain, the monasteries were part of a Cistercian monastery almost 700 years. In 1925, in 1952 Klinary were gathered in South Florida. Nowadays it is a popular place for weddings and hiking tours.

Highway 16711 West Dixie North Miami Beach, Fl. 33160

T. +1 305 945 1461

ArtCenter / South Florida (ACSF)

ACSF offers contemporary visual art and culture through education, exhibitions and public programming, as well as to create jobs for visual artists at all stages of car & # 39; EASURES.

924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205 Miami Beach, FL 33139

T. +1 305 674 8278

Bass Museum of Art

Despite the title of the music, this museum does not provide music, and a collection of antiquities, Renaissance and Baroque art, exhibitions, educational programs and scholarships.

2100 Collins Avenue (between 21 th and 22 th) Miami Beach, FL, 33139

T. +1 305 673 7530

District court and black police museum

This museum features memorabilia items police; artifacts, documents, videos, and stories from the lips of the mouth of a black police who worked in the building. Museum acquires, preserves, exhibits and promotes the history of African-Americans, if it is associated with the struggle and achievements of black police officers in Miami when they were in the previous era of civil rights the 1940s, 50s, 50 years; and 60 & # 39; s.

480 NW 11th Street, Miami, FL 33136

T: +1 305 329 2513 / +1 305 329 2547


Vizcaya, built in the 1910s, when the cultural standards of the gilded age was a lively coming era of jazz. He acquaints visitors with places in Miami at the time, when the wealthy industrialists of America created a gorgeous home, inspired by the palaces of Europe. Vizcaya collections include a national historic landmark: the main house and rustic outbuildings, gardens with architectural elements and statues, as well as a number of art-on & # 39 objects.

3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, 33129 Florida

T. +1 305 250 9133

Jewish Museum of Florida

Besides the beautiful buildings, the museum has its own exhibits and travelers. It finances cultural and educational programs, and has a collection of research and development center, which represents almost 250 years of Jewish history in Florida and reports of Jewish and non-Jewish history, art, culture and values.

301 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

T. +1 305 672 5044

Miami Children's Museum (MCM)

This museum gives space for playing, learning, and creating images. MCM has interactive exhibits, programs and training materials related to art, culture, society and communication.

980 MacArthur Kausuey, Miami, FL 33132

T. +1 305 373 5437

air wing Miami Museum

Located at the airport Kendall Toyama, this museum serves as a permanent tribute to the veterans and pilots, who first began to military and civil aviation. The museum presents its visitors with the history of aviation, the scientific basis for missions and challenges faced in the process of the evolution of flight.

Executive Airport Kendall-Toyama 14710 SW 128th Street Miami, FL 33196

T. +1 305 233 5197


Volfsaniyan – Museum and Research Center, which houses the collection of the modern era (1885-1945), and focuses on art and design and reflects the human experience. The museum offers its visitors exhibitions, publications, educational programs and individual scholarships.

1001 Maya Beach, Washington Avenue,

FL 33139 On the corner of 10th Street and Washington Avenue T +1 305 531 1001

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