5 large differences between the beach in Panama City, Florida, beach and tea-and-Krumtvil, England

1. Panama City Beach (known as PKB) sands are soft and almost white, complemented by crystal clear, emerald and azure sea. These beaches can be directly from the card – they are really beautiful, competing anywhere in the Caribbean. Across the Atlantic in England there are sandy and pebble beaches. Sandy beaches consist of yellow grainy textured sand and shingle beaches in the main space of large stones. Great for skiing on the water, to no avail painful to walk barefoot or putting some on a beach towel. Given a choice, I'll take the sandy bottom any day.

2. A summer day on the beach in PCB is usually hot and sticky – jumping into the ocean – a great way to cool off and beat the heat. You can sit under the umbrella, to find shade and go back to what the air conditioner when the temperature is shyplyayuchay. In England, you can still sit under the umbrella, but it will protect you from the elements. (Namely wind, rain or hail) Think your towel for the beach will be laid out on the beach in PCB? Try to do this at the next wind. The corresponding wind – a necessary thing to be put together with the flip-flops, sweaters and maybe even a jacket or two.

3. There is no other than the card to make people jealous home and illustrate the golden age that you spend on the beach. PCB postcard will typically show a stunning view of the beach, maybe some palm trees swaying in the wind, and a glorious sunset on the horizon. English Beach card – is another story. Usually, there are several great ladies, wearing a knit cap or a very questionable solid pieces that sit in their striped lounge chairs and eating or fish and chips in newspaper or stone wand. The houses will be smiling, but you can tell that they are cold and want in their homes warm. What can you ask? I could explain it, but I do not have much space to explain the complexities of our "common" language!

4. Vacationers to PCB will, for the most part, enjoy comfortable and spacious living areas with stunning views of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. Hotels and condominiums offer all the comforts of home, including cable TV, DVD, washing machine and dryer, and sometimes a full kitchen, and usually a private balcony. Go east about 4000 miles, and you'll probably find yourself in a boarding house (this bed and breakfast), which shares a bathroom with ten other people and must check before you take a bath, in case the water is hot enough. . Of course, it gently exaggerated, but believe me ….. many still offers a joint bathroom, and at any moment in almost all over the hot water! Pension – is a traditional English guest house, and basically it is a room in someone home, complete with a thick roast morning. The decor is generally similar to that time, was still somewhere around 1936, and convenience – it's just tea, bed and reading lamp. Also, if you're really lucky, you can get a TV with a huge 4 channels to choose from.

5. One of the absolute best things about the rest of PCBs – a wonderful array of dishes to entice your palate and a sensational variety of restaurants that are in stock. Here's what to look for typical menu for the day:

Breakfast: Fresh seasonal fruit, cereals, eggs anyway, pancakes and coffee.

Lunch: sandwich grilled fresh tuna and colorful salad.

Dinner: Fresh seafood dish with shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters, fish and crabs. The key lime pie for desert. Hungry yet?

Here's what you can bring to the beach Tea and Krumtvil:

Breakfast: Traditional cooking. Eggs, bacon, sausages, fried toast, tomatoes, baked beans and blood. Yes, I talked about the baked beans and powder. Plus a cup of hot tea with milk, to start the day.

Lunch: steak and kidney pie, chips (french fries this) gravy and mash. If the kidney puts you may try the fish and chips, wrapped in newspaper. It really makes it tastier.

Dinner: burgers (sausage) with mashed potatoes or jacket (baked) potatoes. Perhaps, again kashysty peas. And a big old bowl of spotted friends and custard for dessert. It.

Now I am not for a moment think that an English beach holiday – it is something to be avoided at all costs. Quite the contrary. It really is a divine experience that has improved due to the quaint traditions and unpredictable out & # 39; I. I believe that England – one of the best places in the world, and I know that the beloved visitors of this very pleasant, blood and others. Panama City Beach, in my opinion, one of the world's largest holiday destinations and has its own unique qualities that set it apart from the rest. If you happen to travel across the Atlantic – you'll like. For those who rest on the nature and goes to Panama City Beach – you are looking for a sunny, sandy, southern treat. Just leave a jacket and a broken home wind and think twice before ordering grits.

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