Life in the Philippines – the most popular beach area of ​​rest foreigners

With regard to the output places to retire in the Philippines, there are many options – major urban cities, large rural towns, beach resorts, mountain retreat. Everyone has their own unique and attractive features. The major advantage of retirement in the beach resort with a & # 39 are (i) the exciting beach activities, (ii) a permanent holiday atmosphere, (iii) excellent entertainment and night life, (iv) a constant influx of foreign travelers, (v) many high scale hotels and resorts on the appropriate & # 39; facilities, (vi) the availability of a large airport, and (vi) has a small population. In this category of holiday destinations are the most popular (i) Boracay Island, (ii) the island of Mactan, (iii) the island of Panglao, (IV) Subic Bay, (v) and Puerto Galera.


It is the most famous of all the beach resorts of the Philippines. On this island there are many 5-star resorts and a variety of bars and restaurants owned by foreigners. Sand – one of the best in the world, and nightlife – the highest. However, it is crowded and developed as Waikiki and Miami Beach. He has a small permanent population is about 15,000, but most of the daily number of tourists from all over the world. It attracts a variety of travelers – international gourmet specialists, urban cities of Manila, SUR & # 39; oznyh water enthusiasts, tourists and party-goers. The drawback with Boracay & # 39 is that housing costs are generally at a high level, more like a house in Manila costs. However, a pensioner who is looking for beach holiday activities, Boracay Island – a place.

Mactan Astra

This island is just adjacent to the city of Cebu, across the bridge, and in fact, where the international and domestic airports in Cebu. As in Boracay in Mactan also has a sandy beach, but close to the quality that is in Boracay. It is also lined with magnificent 5-star hotels and resorts. However, while the more distant Boracay, accessibility is excellent and Mactan Island due to its proximity to Cebu. In addition, on the island of Mactan has a casino for those who enjoy gambling in your retirement lifestyle.

Life on the island of Mactan Resort provides an atmosphere, thanks to all of the resort, but it is closer to the great medical facilities and upscale shopping centers across the bridge in the city of Cebu. Housing costs on Mactan lower than on Boracay.

Panglao, asters

This island is just across a short bridge from the much larger island of Bohol, which is about 1/12 of an hour on paromtsy fast boat from Cebu City, or in short the airport from the domestic airport in Cebu. The island's population Panlao is about 60 000 people and is usually associated with Alona Beach, a strip of resorts and dayvingavymi centers on the south side of the island. Diving – this is what attracts tourists and retirees to the island Panlao.

There are many resorts and the cost of living is substantially less than on Mactan Island. On the lower side it is known that the island is more remote and requires a trip by boat or air, to get to the health and trade & # 39 facilities in the city of Cebu.


This region has quickly become a favorite area of ​​retirement, especially for retired US military and Korean. Prior to 1992, the Subic Bay was the base for a huge 7th Fleet of the US Navy. These days, he remade in the area of ​​taxation of foreign trade and a modern tourist destination. In 2008, a modern new highway was completed, which reduced the travel time from Manila for an hour. This provides great access to all that Manila has to offer, but allows you to retire at a smaller resort-oriented community with everything it has to offer. Population now exceeds 200 000. The presence of Koreans is largely due to the construction in 2006 in Subic Bay of a large Korean shipyard. Housing costs have increased significantly in 2008 and 2009, but they are significantly lower than the cost of Manila. At this point, there are many retired military.


Puerto Galera, which is just a few hours drive south of Manila, has not numerous population of about 30 000 people and a & # 39 is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Divers especially visit there together. Diving – King in Puerto Galera, drinking a close second. Beach lot, but they lack a true resort style with white sand. The area is known for its great diving and excellent nightlife. In Puerto Galera there are holes everywhere, music and a variety of night life. Living expenses and accommodation in Puerto Galera lower than in other areas of the resort of pension.

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