5 beautiful beaches in Florida for fans of metal detector

Sunshine State, also known as Florida, there is always a haven for holiday makers during the summer holidays. And why not? This southern state are tens of stunning sandy beaches, each of which has its own unique smell and cornea attractions to entertain the whole something & # 39; S. No matter what you are doing water sports or simply sights, amazing beaches in Florida should always be in your itinerary.

And what do you know? Clean sands of Florida beaches are also popular places for fans of metal detectors! You would be surprised what kind of treasure you can search for a reliable metal detector in hand. Additional reminder: make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the city and the beach you are visiting before you open the detector. As a rule, metal detectors are prohibited in the remaining parts of Florida, for example, in national parks and nature reserves in a number of marsh sea swamp.

Thus, for those who are engaged in this hobby for a long time, or for curious readers who want to try it out, is a list of 5 beautiful beaches in Florida for fans of the detector.

1. Daytona Beach – it is not just a site that can be visited for the hottest NASCAR races on the planet, but can be an interesting place to hunt for treasure with a metal detector.

2. Miami Beach – located on the east coast of the state and a popular site for TV shows such as the CSI, this is an interesting place for models, celebrities, beachgoers, fanatics beach sports, and even fans of metal detectors.

3. Cocoa Beach – This place is located in the heart of Brevard County in Florida, with nice sand and good weather & # 39; it. It is also the residence of some of the top surfers in the US, so surfing – another hot thing in Cocoa Beach.

4. Palm Beach – On the southeast coast of the beach is ideal for visiting family & # 39; and even for those who like metal detectors. You can do other sports such as cycling, skating, wind surfing and much more.

5. Delray Beach – Located in Palm Beach County, you can try to hit with metal detection here. If you want to get other interesting sights, you can see the botanical gardens and Japanese gardens in the area.

Ideally, plan the hunt very early in the morning or just before evening. Good times are when few people left on the beach. Happy hunting!

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