10 best gifts for beach lovers

From Malibu to Miami Beach lovers across the country – the same thing; They love the sun, sand and surf. Nothing b & # 39; etsya in hockey and sunglasses and is sent to a day of rest to the sound of the waves that break up in the background. If your list includes a deluxe beach lover, check out the ten points:

1. Give the beach Kombarov then listen while they soak up the rays. iPod with & # 39 are portable, store tons of music and can be purchased almost anywhere. The aim with the & # 39 is the iPod Shuffle, starting at just $ 49.99.

2. If you want to beachgoers could secure the iPod (together with other values) until he or she plunges into the water, buy Vault Vault. It costs $ 24.95, is available on the website korporativnogotravelsabezopasnosti and is a small, safe and durable. With the help of 3-dialed combinations and possibilities to fix anything (eg, a beach cart), the recipient on your list will not worry about it and value. Another option – a waterproof bag and Aloksak belt for $ 19.95 that allows you to take valuables with them in the water.

3. Blow up the things you need on the beach can be a pain without proper gear. Buy a beach cart in beachmart.com. Bestseller from the site & # 39 is a cart on the beach $ 49.95 Deluxe Wonder Wheeler. It has a beach umbrella, a cooler 48 kV, 4 chairs and a large cargo area for any other transfer. It is exactly, but quite durable and effective to carry up to 100 pounds of gear!

4. If your friend brings a friend to the beach, they will have something to entertain. Smashball was always the option of choosing when we were kids and still seems to be a popular choice. Myultimateboards.com sells paddles and trademark blue orb for only $ 8.62.

5. Help the beach lovers will delight your meals in style. Picnic backpack Ascot Santa Barbara Beach – it's cooler and backpack all in one. It is insulated and waterproof and costs 24.95 dollars on sites swimoutlet.com. This is also a very stylish; It comes in a smooth olive color with coordinating stripes.

6. Stay cool on the beach – it is a priority for beach lovers. Help reduce rays (and wrinkles), acquiring a hue Cush & # 39; n from beachstore.com. Hue Cush & # 39; n – this is exactly what it seems; pillow on which lay his head, and shade which provides shade for your face. He is portable and comes in three different colors and costs $ 27.99.

7. Obtain shirt Beach Bum or Beach Babe on cafepress.com. (There are plenty of those on the beach and / or phrases to choose from, these are just two examples.) Sweatshirts are also available on the website, and your order will return you more than $ 20 or $ 40.

8. Fashionable and vniseks beach bag – great find. LL Bean offers a variety of options when it comes to handbags. Bags LL Bean represent sheet, easily tatalizatsyi, come in a variety of colors and can be personalized. They start with less than $ 20 and go up from there depending on the size and personalization.

9. Speaking of personalization, personalizationmall.com sells beach towels embroidered in bright colors who want any beach lover. Plush towels can be personalized with initials or full name beach lover. You do not spend more than 30 dollars for this unique twist on the traditional beach subject.

10. And finally, the beach Kombarov need something to comb if they do not listen to music and people watch. Purchase a book for the recipient on your list; familiarize yourself with easy to read page turner or pages, or even of several magazines. Do you know this person is best, think about what they enjoy reading, spending a few lazy hours under the sun. (You can always throw the book in a tote or wrap in a towel to about & # 39; to combine just two gifts!

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