Advertising pet

Neither boy of ten at the end of the 1950s has not collected more comic than Ronnie chimpanzees. The truth is that by buying comic, using the money to help, Ronnie had little interest in comics history. He just wanted to find the section of Advertising, which reflects many of the & # 39; ads that sell the gods, pranks and magic tricks. Ronnie owned almost all of them and joked to his friends at school. But in the latest issue of interest I spied Ron, when he found a new advertisement for a small monkey pet:

"Sailor proteins" which "makes a wonderful pet and companion Almost man with warm eyes will please your family & # 39;.. I Those young monkeys grow to a height of about 12 inches of feed on the same products as you, even love lollipops. :. easy to maintain and to train Delivery Live Only $ 18.95 check in the mail or money order… in: Farm animals. K26 Department, Box 1042, Miami Beach 39, Florida ".

Ronnie ran to tell her mother and showed her on the & # 39 ad.

"Oh, do not give more than any person", – he warned his mother.

"But mom, it can not be a gag. It can be a pet!"

Ronnie looked bored, then hung his head and walked slowly to his room and slammed the door. A few minutes later she knocked gently and silently opened his doors. Ronnie fingered on her bed. She sat down next to him and said. "Well we asked your dad when he comes home from work today."

Ronnie stood up straight and ran around my room. "Wait a minute. Ronnie! Do not be so happy. Your father may say" no. "

When the father came home a few hours later, Ronnie ran up to him and showed him on the & # 39 ad. "You can please the monkey?" His father looked on & # 39 classified as Ronnie anxiously awaited the verdict.

"What in the world would you have done with a little monkey? … And as a dog or a cat?"

"I want a monkey! Please, Daddy … Please ??"

"I'll have to think about it. If you still want that monkey after 10 days, I am considering to buy it for you. But please, think about it before."


Making sure that he still wants 10 days, Ronnie ran around the house, then to his room, where finally wound up and fell asleep. The next day at school, he told his friends that he was going to get a monkey. Everyone laughed at him, for they saw the same thing on the & # 39; reality, but thought it was a scam. Others remembered all the practical jokes that Ronnie bought from advertising comics, and argued try to get a little monkey.

Anyway, Ronnie was counting the days until my father agreed to fill out a check for 18.95 dollars.

"Are you sure that you want, son?"

"You betcha!"

"Well, let me on the & # 39 ads, and I will send a check for it in the mail. But I want you to promise to take care of it yourself!"

"I will, Dad! I will be."

Ronnie's father sent an order. A week passed, then two weeks. Ronnie was worried after six months have passed. Year came and went, and still no monkey. Ronnie just forgot about what he could have. Meanwhile, life went on for Ronnie. He was in high school, graduated from college, got married and had children. "Ronnie" became "Ronald". His people lived in a nursing home, while he and his family & # 39; I have lived in the same house in which he grew up.

On Saturday, in 1982, Ronnie was playing on the floor with her 12-year-old son, Tyler, when the truck brakes stopped in front of the old house. UPS driver went to Ronnie and said: "I have a delivery for Ronnie chimpanzees."

"It's me, but for many years no one called me," Ronnie. "People call me" Ronald "." The driver told him that he has a special delivery from NASA.


The driver looked back in his seat and heard a soft sound like a "Eeeekk! .. Eeeek!" I came out of the box.

He looked at the box and saw a rather large hole punched.

"It's some kind of animal. You ordered the animal?"

"No …"

He heard the sounds coming out of the box. If Ronald rushed to open the box, he quickly tore it. At the bottom was a cage with a small squirrel-monkey inside.

Ronald mouth opened wide, and there was a look of surprise in his eyes – "monkey protein ???" His mind suddenly leaned back in his childhood, when he saw on the & # 39 announcement of the monkey protein.

"I went to get this monkey in the 1950s, when I was 10 years old !! … What in the world ?!" The animal began to jump up and down-chirp loudly. Then his family & # 39; I went out to see, which is the noise. Ronald looked at the cage and saw the envelope, attached outside the cell. He picked it up and began reading the letter:

From the National Space Administration of the wind

For whom this is my problem,

If you got the monkey protein, which we affectionately call the NASA "Miss Baker," that's because you may have purchased one of these species of monkeys in the past. We regret that we did not take the cattle, but now we give you Miss Baker, who was acquired along with 25 other monkeys proteins in a pet shop in Miami, Florida, and brought to the medical school of Naval Aviation in Pensacola State. She is aging and in need of a new home. She started working for us in 1959 and became our first monkey in space. We sent it into space on 16 minutes and returned safely in excellent health. Any physical and mental condition she is not found. It is not only a historical monkey, she developed the captured knowledge and ability. I have included pictures of her when she was with us in the NASA.

We will miss her and we hope that you are well take care of it!


J.. LA Flights, director of the Department of the NASA Astrophysics

the animal's body was mostly brown. In his pink face she had two black eyes, a small nose and dark mouth. She stood about a foot, weight about half a pound. Ronald smiled "Miss Baker," but he and all his family & # 39; I looked a little stunned. Little daughter of Ronald, the fence was afraid to bring it, but Miss Baker immediately jumped out of the cells, Tina and hugged her. Then she quickly jumped to the ground, simultaneously twittered. It is clear that Tina was a beloved member of the family & # 39; and monkeys, perhaps because it could be related to Tina because she was a little girl. A few weeks later something & # 39; I considered Miss Baker as part of the family & # 39; and.

Ronald meditated on his childhood, when he wanted a home monkey proteins and never received it. It seemed, by some miracle, that the precious animal, which her father paid so long ago, finally reached his home. Seeing the little monkey who plays with her daughter, to make her so happy made to wait long.

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