Miami South Beach – the exotic sights, sounds and scents

South Miami Beach, also known as SOBE, – is the lower part of Miami Beach, Florida, and has been developed around 1900. Architecture awesome, South Beach has the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in to Streamline Your world, although many of the buildings have been torn down or destroyed. Fortunately, this lovely area is growing in popularity and thus restored.


Ocean Drive separates the long crispy white beaches and crystalline waters of South Beach strip. Urban landscape pastel colors with & # 39 is a tourist, but if you sit and rasslabitsesya you enjoy the show and easily come in the right mood. The band is filled with boutiques, hotels, expensive high-rise blocks of modern flats, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Fashion shopping, cocktails and fancy dinner

In Miami South Beach, there is always something to do. Go to the beach to watch sparingly clad woman and toned man who shows his muscles strong men competitions. Use the fashionable shopping. Stay in one of the glamorous hotels in the Art Deco style. Sample authentic Cuban cuisine, or enjoy fresh seafood at one of the hot spots in America. Pull mojito or cubic freedom, while you watch the sunset and colorful crowds that pass nearby. Dance night with famous rock stars and supermodel in the world famous clubs or listen to the sounds of Spanish music on the beach with sun worshipers.

the best club

Miami South Beach replaced Los Angeles and New York as the most popular place in the night life in the United States, according to The New Times and GQ. Each season – a party on South Beach. It's hard to choose where to go, as the 150 clubs, bars and lounges. Thus, you can dance at night with famous rock stars and supermodel in one of the world famous clubs. Clubs stay open until 5am, but admissions are large and difficult to enter. But always worth a try.


Quay South Beach – a very famous and a great place for photo shoots and fashion events. You will learn background, beaten on the palms of the many magazines such as Sports Illustrated. Here, people show their fashion and physical appearance, whatever they may be. Enjoy South Beach!

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