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Miami Beach – a city in the south-east of Florida, on an island between Biscayne bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Initially, the area was mangrovae swamp. Nowadays, almost everyone knows where the "American markets", and 3 out of 5 people will undoubtedly mean Miami Beach.

Many people have different reasons for moving to Miami Beach, and it includes the often sunny skies of the city and a variety of cultural, entertainment venues, food and the glamorous strip hotels.

Since Miami Beach – it is really a diverse city where people of different walks of life come together and want to live, there is a wide range available on the & # 39 properties to choose from. Options for the future home buyer include the location of the Ocean to the Gulf and structures from small apartments to seaside mansions.

Superior property market revives Miami Beach

Property market picture in Miami Beach has dramatically improved from the old conventional low-rise units in Miami pests to the larger, more magnificent and elegant multi-storey apartments, which have prices ranging from $ 300 000 price to more than $ 5 million. Currently, the real estate in the area of ​​South Beach is located in the extravagant Art Deco District, and covers 16 city blocks.

The properties of the area surrounded by more than 800 unique buildings of outstanding style, consisting of hotels, restaurants and apartment buildings that are inspired by the revival of the historic district, and brilliant. Art Deco District attracts celebrities and the socialists, as well as the baby boomers and the trendy single people who like living and varied nightlife, outdoor cafes and restaurants along Ocean Drive. The location is also suitable for single and young seven & # 39; families who love the urban lifestyle and savor convenient walks to local beaches, shops, clubs and restaurants.

Peaches lives in Miami Beach

Advantages of living and owning real estate in Miami pests include exposure to the five miles of sandy, beaches, palms trimmed width of 300 feet, and lots of places for swimming, sunbathing, fish, water skiing and others. water sports. This area is perfect for sports enthusiasts and sun. For hard-core and casual walkers and joggers, the sidewalks along the northern part of the beach – the ideal way to ritual activities in the early morning. Public art, production and entertainment communities also play a big role in the attractiveness of living in Miami Beach.

A wide range of places to stay in the city even more complementary attraction of Miami Beach. Complex Convention halls of 34 000 seats hosts several national policy with the & # 39; porches, and in the garden and conservatory Miami Beach there is a reservoir of orchids, anthuriums and ferns. Other notable cultural attractions include the Bass Museum of Art, the convenience of the cultural park and museum Valfsaniya design. Miami Beach has a rich history as a center of art that creates trends from the world-famous nightclubs 50s, to rich cultural life of modern South Beach.

Tourism and architecture related to tourism, has long determined the image of the city and greatly increase his fame as the main place of leisure and business.

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